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Admin FAQ

Can I Send Messages to Inactive Users through Message Management?

Can I Set up a Webinar with a Time and Date but no Location/Region?

How Can I Find a Missing User in LearnFlex?

How can I update course content without losing the course interaction history?

How Do I Configure a Course for Use with Online Content?

How do I Know when Assessments with Essay Questions are Ready for Marking?

How Do I Make a User Inactive?

How do I Process Bundle Achievement Imports?

How do I Process Bundle Enrollment Imports?

How do I Process Course Achievement Imports?

How do I Process Course Enrollment Imports?

How Do I Share My Reports?

Is it Possible to Change the Time that it Takes for a LearnFlex Session to Timeout?

What are the Differences Between Automated, Configurable, System, What’s New, and Did You Know Messages?

What Columns are Displayed in the LearnTrack Training Results Report?

What is the Difference Between My Reports and Shared Reports?

What is the Difference between the Default Account Expiry and Account Deactivation fields for a community?  

What is the Difference Between the Expires and Last Day to Register drop-down lists on the Registration screen for a LearnTrack?

What is the Purpose of the Payee Drop-down List on the Advanced Group Assignment Screen?    

What Number do I use When Creating a New Theme?

When will a user be officially enrolled into a LearnTrack?

Which Course Content Formats are Compatible with LearnFlex?

Which Internet Browsers are Supported by LearnFlex?

Why are PreProd Sites Slower than Production Sites?

Why can I not find the Assessments Section of the Session Basics screen?

User FAQ

Can I launch a course I have already taken?

How do I check my grades?

How do I update my profile or change my password?

I am enrolled for a course. Where do I access course information?

I forgot my password, how do I get it back?

What do I need to take an online course?

Where does my online course appear, when I click the Launch button?

Why do my certificates not print as they appear in the achievement record?