Diploma Certificate Tokens


This section lists those tokens that can be used to customize the information that is displayed on certificates for LearnTracks.

Applying Tokens

When adding tokens to certificates, you need to remember the following conventions:

·        The token name must be in uppercase.

·        The token must be encased in [%%]. For example, [%Diploma_ Achieved_Date%].

List of Diploma Tokens


Data Displayed


LearnTrack category description.


LearnTrack category name.


Date the LearnTrack was obtained.


The date the LearnTrack becomes effective.


The date when the LearnTrack is scheduled to expire.


Department(s) granting the LearnTrack.


The description given to a LearnTrack.


The name give to the LearnTrack.


Displays the requirements needed to achieve the LearnTrack (usually a list of courses).  


Displays the background image associated with the LearnTrack.


Required for certificate printing instructions pop-up. Use:


[%Instructions%]     !-- script tags required --



Required for certificate printing instructions pop-up. Use:

body onload="[%Instructions_exec%]" …


Displays the name of the company where the learner works.


Learner end date.


Displays the external membership ID given to the learner.


Displays the learner's first name.


Displays the learner's last name.


Learner location.


Displays the learner's middle name.


The primary email address of the learner.


Learner region.


Learner start date.


Learner suffix.


Learner title.