Welcome to LearnFlex

Welcome to LearnFlex - a highly adaptable, full-featured Learning Management System (LMS) from OpenText. LearnFlex is one of the few LMS products on the market that truly focuses on being educationally credible. LearnFlex concentrates on automating the registration, tracking, management, and reporting on all aspects of organizational learning, and at the same time, incorporates configurable business rules related to training and professional development within an open system architecture.

As an educational learning technology, LearnFlex is designed in accordance with sound educational research and theory. It is based on adult learning principles, the use of educational objectives, the tracking of competencies, and multiple methods of instruction and evaluation. As a web-based software product, LearnFlex was designed (and continues to evolve) using a “best practices” approach to software development. The software architecture provides an infrastructure for the delivery of a flexible learning technology solution. Flexibility for learners and organizations is a core concept and strategic advantage of LearnFlex.

The flexibility of LearnFlex is evident in many ways, including the following:

·        It can be easily personalized: users can navigate in multiple languages that they can switch on-the-fly. The user interface, including graphics, can be customized for each target audience or corporate brand.

·        Users can launch and track the use of a wide variety of educational materials and instructional activities.

·        Integration with existing data repositories (for example, Employee Information Systems, Student Information Systems) is available.

·        Customizable business rules, processes, and reports can be adapted throughout the system.

·        It has E-Commerce and purchase order capabilities with many options to fit a business.

·        It has flexible pricing with several licensing and deployment models.

·        It supports interoperability with a variety of AICC/SCORM (1.2 and 2004) compliant-content systems.

·        It manages data from classroom (instructor-led), online, and blended learning environments.